Thursday, April 28, 2011

April 28, 2011

This isn't really 'photography', but I wanted to show off my mohawk. :)

Adrianna and Zoe <3

Hip Shot: Place your camera on your hip, pointed in a general direction, snap the picture. You might be surprised and get a badass picture.


My babyyy.

Wilson is looking rather handsome today!

Random cute little girl. haha.

I love shitty coffee.

Aaaaand we'll end with me again. haha.


  1. Of all the photos in this list, the last is by far the best. It has a sort of calming, reassuring feeling. I don't know - it just does. Thought you ough to know.

  2. The one of you is simply stunning. I particularly love the trees and the hipshot. I've been trying that myself lately, but I haven't succeeded yet! Great photos, sweetheart.

  3. :-)
    Beautiful shots
    thanks so much for sharing this pieces of your life with us

  4. You're so fucking gorgeous! Love all your photos!