Friday, February 18, 2011

Feb. 18, 2011

Had a photo shoot with Charli and Lizzie and it was super awesome. (Until it started snowing.)
The photos I took were okay, I think I could have done better though.
How are you doing?!


  1. I love em! ESPECIALLY the one of the temple. I'm not religious, jus think the photo is super rad. The eye shot rocks too! Can I start a photo blog too? I want to..

  2. And the one of the temple, I actually named Underwater Castle, because it looks like more of a castle than a temple to me. :)

    Of course you can start a photo blog! I'd check it out for sure!

  3. I really like the one at the bottom of the steps looking up. The angle of the photo along with the angle of her legs is a really cool effect. Awesome photos!! Thanks for sharing!