Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My 4th, 2011

Me, Robert, and Ry-ry-chickenpie!

The adorable Alex.

Caught a young couple in a kiss. How adorable.

Ry-ry-chickenpie! :)

I'm once again disappointed with a lot of these photos, (except for the last three; I really like those). I look at the photos and realize there could have been a better angle, or I could have adjusted a few of the settings on my camera....but trial and error I guess! May the 4th be with you. :)


  1. Oh sweetheart. I love the colors on the first one, I love the angle on the sidewalk chalk one, the one of the band catches an excellent moment (look at that crazy fan!), your expression in the outdoor self-photo is priceless, I absolutely LOVE that reflection shot (it's fucking perfect), and you know how I feel about the storm photo and the black and white one of you.

    You honestly are the best photographer I know.

  2. Funny - I always think the same thing on my pictures. I could have... I should have... Why did I?... Probably will never change though, and I'm good with that:) Oh, I really like the last three too.

  3. I need you to send me your photo that you entered

    your post is gone when I went to see the photo.